Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New journal project

This is my compromise to myself.  A digital art journal!  As much as I love the idea of art journals, and as much as I waste hours looking at other people's amazing creations, I just haven't created one of my own.  Too little faith in my own abilities, too little emotional connection to write anything meaningful and beautiful - and inclined to blame the lack of a thousand-and-one art supplies - has meant that I have stubbornly stuck with words.

And even that has been bouncing between mediums.  Now, I've decided to give my digital scrapbooking skills a practical use, and this is the first page of the result.  It's still going to be more words than anything else, but I'm really loving this technique.  I think I've finally clicked on the relaxing aspect that other journalers talk about, but I don't have the grinding OCD obsession with sticky fingers or spills.

For this page I've mixed all sorts of pieces from different designers:


  1. Many many words ! And almost no pictures ?
    Are you very talkative ? ":))

    1. I'm a journaller first - adding art to my pages is more about embellishment so far. I've got a nice new camera though, and want to start adding more images over time.