Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013

Summer has arrived with a hot, sticky bang - Christmas Day was one of the hottest in decades, so having a warm laptop sitting on me hasn't really held much appeal.  Today, the first day of 2013, is much cooler, so here I am!

2012 sort of fizzled a bit towards the end, in terms of creativity, so this year I've decided a bit of guidance will help.  To start with, I'm doing a prompt-a-day photo challenge through an art group I'm part of, with the photos being hosted on Flickr.  With a camera I want to learn how to use properly, and a bunch of accessories for Christmas, I'm excited to get started.

There's also a weekly challenge on Google+ that I'm thinking of having a go at, although I think I'll be out of my depth a little, judging by the quality of the photos from last years' participants.  Still, it'll be a learning curve, if nothing else!

And if photography isn't enough, there's a mixed media community on G+ that will be doing weekly challenges too, and I'm hoping to get some inspiration from the amazing art that's being posted there.  That, combined with the setting up of a new planner (new templates from scratch and everything!), means that I'm going to be happily - and geekily - busy for the week, before heading back to work and the miracle of air conditioning.

Hope everyone is enjoying their first few hours of 2013-ness!

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