Friday, August 31, 2012

New Bookblog entry

When I came back to Blogger, it was to find that I already had a couple of blogs here, which hadn't seen the light of day since 2009 (told you I was good at deserting them!).  One of those is a book blog, which, I was mildly surprised to discover, is actually quite well-ordered.

I got out of the habit of tracking what I actually thought about books when I realised I could track them over at GoodReads in a much more lazy efficient fashion, but since joining a couple of online book clubs, and finding the perfect template for a booklog in my filofax (more details to come), I've been trying to keep better track of the words my brain has been absorbing.

Alas, because the filofax pages are for my own records, I've been making them as spoilery as possible, so I can actually remember in a few years exactly why I felt the need to scrawl swearwords all over the back of the review page.  I'm definitely out of the habit of producing nice, even, vague sentences about what I've been reading, so it might take me a few goes to get it readable.

That said, I'm proud to announce that I've decided to revive my online booklog!  There's a bit of a gap, but yesterday I finished a book club read, Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury.  If you've read it, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it (or what you thought of what I thought of it!).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello, World!

I'm not new to blogging - I've tried them all, and left most of them for dead.  Every so often I get an email telling me that I have a comment on a site I'd forgotten all about, then I'd marvel at how determined the spam bots are, insisting on posting when the entry has been dormant for five years...

I have a blog, over on Wordpress.  But it seems that most of the people I follow are on Blogger, which means when I comment on their posts, I have to do extra confirmation that I'm human, which for some reason has gotten to be completely unreadable over the last month.

It turns out there's no easy way to just shift everything from one system to another, so I'm going to be leaving another blog to wither and die out there somewhere.  Maybe.  Maybe I can figure out how people maintain multiple blogs without repeating themselves too much.

In the meantime, I have this nice, new shiny blog to fill (and an old, almost dead book blog that I shall try and update too), so kick back and enjoy the show.  Well, enjoy the photos of half-assed art journal spreads, obsessive photos of my filofax and the odd photo challenge.  Oh, and updates on my big weight loss project, which is all of a month old (the novelty hasn't worn off yet).

Yay for new blogs!