Saturday, October 27, 2012


About once a year I'll have a big spend up, when we have a trip planned to the city.  This year, the Other Half entered a mountain bike event just outside of Christchurch, so that was where my money was destined to go.
Usually, inspiration strikes either on the way home, or a week or so after I've been, but this time I was ready.   My hobbies/obsessions tend to change with the seasons, and right now I'm looking for comics graphic novels.

Two Sandmans, three Hellblazers and a Preacher.  Which would be enough to keep me out of trouble for a while, only I'm a bit obsessed with reading things in the right order, and none of the places I visited had any even-numbered volumes.  So I've got gaps in the stories, and plans to start buying long-distance from an awesome bookstore in the city.

I also picked up another Gaiman title and a sparkly green pencil for my handbag.  Oh, and a new handbag:

It's probably too big to called a handbag - sack might be a better word.  My A5 filofax has heaps of space, and my tablet and camera should fit in just as easily.  Next week I'll probably be reviewing different back/shoulder pain treatment methods, but for now I love it.  The busy purple lining is even growing on me.


  1. Love that bag!! What's the brand, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. The brand is Mabel & Lou. It's by far the most expensive bag I've ever bought, even being on sale, but I really love it!